Backup for Windows

I needed a good backup tool for my (:blush:) Windows XP system at home. Searched high and low. Concluded there was nothing available that was free, and stumped up hard cash for WinBackup v1.

Not great, but better than anything else I had found. Allowed me to do what I wanted, and backup to a separate hard disk. I then wrote a Perl (yes, Perl on Windows, it does exist my dears) script to run every night and copy the new incremental backups to a remote system. Belt and braces.

Then they bring out WinBackup v.2. More cash handed over, since it promises a whizz bang GUI (and I am a sucker for cute GUIs) plus features like backup to an FTP server. The FTP backup feature not available Day One, but very soon now…

Yeah, right. Several months later, after having reverted to WinBackup v1, the FTP support in v2 still not available, but loads of killer bugs are still available. That is, unfixed. Pile of complete and unmitigated shit.

Then someone at work wanders over and we are chatting about this and that. Normally I am the one with all the hot tips about free and fab software. But not that day: mention of some weird sounding Cobian Backup. Sceptical me goes and has a peek. Bloody hell!!! A proper backup tool, and under the GPL. That is, FREE, in every sense of the word.

I can’t begin to tell you how good this backup tool is. Price apart, it’s the best I’ve found. Price included, it’s amazing. I won’t bore you with features here. Trust me. It’s the dog’s thingummyjigs of backup tools.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

Factor in the “price” (i.e. free) and the rating is 11 out of 10.

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