BMW France – To be avoided

More fine customer service from the French arm of a large company…

BMW France – you just lost my business. A few weeks ago my wife bought a new car. A BMW. Fine car. Superbly designed and tremendous quality. As a car, we are delighted with it.

Next year I’ll be replacing my car. I […]

Amazon France – Adieu, not Au Revoir

You know how it goes: you discover a company that pleases you and can’t stop raving about it to friends and family. I’ve been like that regarding Amazon for some years. These days I mainly used Amazon France: books, toys, cameras, you name it. In the last couple of years I’ve spent more than 2000 […]

France, property rental and getting ripped off – Part 4

And so to court.

We arrive at the Antibes Tribunal at the designated time. Here’s where things differed from my knowledge of the British Small Claims Court. I expected that the time we had been told to arrive would be the appointment for our case, and we’d all sit in a […]

France, property rental and getting ripped off – Part 3

Having resolved to recover the money not paid to me (see here and here) I was then faced with the challenge of doing this in France. While I’ve lived a a number of different countries, my background is predominantly British. So my main familiarity with legal systems and so on is thus also British.

In […]

France, property rental and getting ripped off – Part 2

In the first part of this story, I offered some general advice regarding not losing your deposit when renting property in France. The key advice I gave is to be sure that before accepting the property, you must make sure the état des lieux is absolutely correct and comprehensive.

Now let’s jump ahead several months […]

France, property rental and getting ripped off

This article is all about how you get ripped off when living in rented accomodation in France, how to avoid it and, if it happens, how to fight back.

One important disclaimer up front: I am not a lawyer, and none of this should be taken as formal legal advice. All I will do is […]