npd6 moved to GitHub

Hello GitHub…

My npd6 (neighbor proxy daemon IPv6) project has now fully relocated to GitHub:

All code has been moved, with full branching history, tagging, commits, etc. Fully replicated under git.

Bugs are harder to move, but it’s been done. Unfortunately we lose some info on the way, mainly email information for commenters. Obfuscated emails are retrained, but not the originals. Not a huge problem I feel.

Bye Google…

It was with great reluctance that I left GoogleCode – however it had to happen. Google seem unwilling to formally pull the plug on Google Code – yet give every impression that they have no intention of going anywhere with it. Bug fixes are non-existant. News or blogs posts dried up long ago.

The final straw, however, was their decision to disallow binary file downloads as of January this year. (And yes, I’m aware that GitHub did this too for a while – until they came to their senses!)

LaunchPad…? Not really

Toyed with LaunchPad – like Google Code, it *was* great. Yet while the run down of it is far less obvious than that of Google Code, it too seems to have been cast somewhat by the wayside by its owners. I will still use LaunchPad as a binary Ubuntu repository for npd6 – but not for code or bug tracking.

So, if you’re after NPD6, do please visit at

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