Evil secularists

Interesting appeal court decision in the UK yesterday. A certain Gary McFarlane, a “ Christian relationship counsellor” lost his appeal over a refusal to offer sex therapy to a gay couple.

The story seems fairly well covered here, here and here (lefties, right-wing and The BBC!) with similar reporting.

First off one cannot but wonder […]

Bless me father for I have punched

Several newspapers report today (e.g. here and here) that a British judge this week chose not to jail a violent criminal because he was religious.

The judge said “You are a religious man and you know this is not acceptable behaviour.”

The fact that the judge in question is Cherie Blair, wife of former-prime minister […]

Leave them kids alone

Pope Benedict XVI is apparently set to visit Britain soon. However he has also decided to attack the laws giving gay couples similar rights to married (heterosexual) couples, as a variation on the church’s more general disgust with anyone who does not share their own twisted sexual views

Aware that this is unpopular (the laws […]

Passion for nails

I love the Internet. Not for the more typical use of finding what you need to know quickly and easily, but rather for the effortless ability to tell you what you did not need to know.

In the space of ten minutes or so today I moved from fruit juice to triclavianism, via the Cathars.