Saudi Arabia

The reaction of “World Leaders” to the death of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia has been just as craven and abject as might have been expected.

The platitudes were all along the lines of how great a leader he had been and how well he had cared for his people. You’d hope that just one significant leader might have spoken up about the fact that he had run one of the most repressive, cruel and corrupt countries in the world, and here’s hoping that his successor will be better (fat chance)…

The Saudi Royal Family are a disgrace – the West’s reaction to them is even more disgraceful.

The next time I see the King’s yacht, or any of the others owned by his brothers, moored outside Antibes, I will remind myself that he’s not here for the well-known Cote d’Azur lifestyle of fun, fun, fun, but is of course on a charitable mission to help further the life of ordinary Saudis.

Still, you can’t but help admire the long-term skill of the Saudi Royals: they bleed their country of money right up to the point where any normal society would erupt into revolution – and then back off just a little to keep the lid on the place. I fear that one day they will finally miscalculate and the consequences may be dire, not least for the ordinary people of Saudi Arabia.

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