lighttpd_logoThis site now runs on lighttpd! Apache2 was used previously. It’ a fine web-server, but lighttpd is so much, er, lighter. About 30% lower memory consumption for the same performance. Also, as a side benefit, the config is simpler too.

It does, for me at least, everything Apache2 can do:

      • Multiple virtual hosts
      • HTTPS
      • WebDav (both unencrypted and SSL encrypted)
      • PHP (and fast too!)

The only limitation I have is the very same one I also had with Apache2: HTTPS only fully works for one on the virtual hosts. If you host, and then you can only have a certificate active for one of them with the correct identify. Say you have a certificate for if you visit https:/ you’ll get a warning that the certificate is only valid for Of course you can choose to override this and still encrypt the session, but it’s a nuisance. Must be something very fundamental to SSL, given that both Apache and lighttpd have this issue.

So, lighttpd comes highly recommended!

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