Bright? Daft name, right idea…

Pop over to The Brights site to find a growing community of people with a naturalistic worldview, free of mumbo-jumbo and suspertition (in its very many forms).

Their vision is that:

“Persons who have a naturalistic worldview should not be culturally stifled or civically marginalized due to society’s extensive supernaturalism. Rather, they ought to be accepted as fellow citizens and full participants in the cultural and political landscape.”

Which reflects the feeling many of us in that grouping suffer, that it is increasingly unacceptable in today’s world to be rational and without the support of a myriad of irrational beliefs, whether they pertain to religion, medicine, science, UFOs or the Loch Ness monster. “How dull it must be for you!” is the frequent, profoundly ignorant, response of many to the concept humanism. If only they knew…

2 comments to Bright? Daft name, right idea…

  • Bob

    What would be an un-daft name, I wonder?
    When you coin a term in this manner I don’t think there’s any way to satisfy everyone. Someone will always complain. If a meaningless word is used people would say “What is the point then?” If a meaningful but neutral term had been used people would say “Aren’t you supposed to be coining a positive new term?” And when nice, light, positive term is used, those who are used to the dark connotations of “atheism” get all reluctant and stiff-upper-lipped and call it “daft”! :grin
    I just think people should get on with it!
    But then — you’ve joined the Webring, so you obviously are! 🙂 8)

  • Bob’s comment made me (the original writer) rethink my headline, and he’s right.

    The label “Bright” might be unusual, but since I wrote the short entry way back in August 2005, the name has grown on me and I now quite like it and identify with if more.

    I now, ahem, consider myself A Bright. There. Did it. 🙂