npd6 – IPv6 neighbor proxy daemon – It lives!

As threatened in article IPv6 neighbor proxy daemon – npd6 and the associated design ramblings here, the npd6 project now lives and breathes.

EDIT: 22 July – The project has really taken shape. Version 0.3 is now useful enough to be considered a working beta version. Building is very simple – do please try it out and let me know of any issues, good or bad.

It’s absolutely early days, but, with plenty of limits and as-of-yet-unknown bugs, it does work…

I’m hosting it on Googlecode. It’s here. For a while yet I’ll not be making any binary or packaged versions available, or even autoconf/configure shenanigans – strictly source + Makefile.

If you want to give it a spin, do feel free. It’s going to change a LOT – we’re probably a month or so away from something I’d call “a usable, early beta“. Today it’s a “works for me pre-alpha“!

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