IPv6 address ranges

Just a short post, to summarise the IANA-assigned address ranges for IPv6. This info is pretty much a straight lift from this page, with a few tweaks to hopefully make it more readable.


IPv6 Prefix Allocation Information 0000::/8 Reserved by IETF 0100::/8 Reserved by IETF 0200::/7 Reserved by IETF 0400::/6 Reserved by IETF 0800::/5 […]

npd6 – IPv6 neighbor proxy daemon – It lives!

As threatened in article IPv6 neighbor proxy daemon – npd6 and the associated design ramblings here, the npd6 project now lives and breathes.

EDIT: 22 July – The project has really taken shape. Version 0.3 is now useful enough to be considered a working beta version. Building is very simple – do please try it […]

npd6 Design Document

So what must npd6 do in functional terms?

See Neighbor Solicitations. EITHER respond to them directly OR respond via the existing mechanisms. Log activity. Report status. Receive Neighbor Solicitations

The daemon needs to receive incoming neighbor solcitations from a designated port(s). I currently have no idea if this is an easy hook to make from […]

Building a home server – Software

Install the Operating System

As detailed in the Introduction, we’re going to drop a standard install of Ubuntu Server Edition on here, and then customise for various additional functionality.

The first step, of course, is to obtain one Ubuntu install CD! Go to the download page for Ubuntu, then make sure you select the server […]

The F-word

I increasingly have found myself thinking naughty thoughts about the present US administration. I might read another piece on Salon.com, or stumble across the online edition of The Guardian. And while musing on their latest lefty criticism of George W and his cohorts the new F-word flits unbidden into my head. Only to be swiftly […]