npd6 moved to GitHub

Hello GitHub…

My npd6 (neighbor proxy daemon IPv6) project has now fully relocated to GitHub:Â

All code has been moved, with full branching history, tagging, commits, etc. Fully replicated under git.

Bugs are harder to move, but it’s been done. Unfortunately we lose some info on the way, mainly email information for commenters. Obfuscated […]

NPD6 – Starts 2013 with version 1.0.0

The ongoing project of npd6 (Neighbor Proxy Daemon IPv6) kicks off 2013 with a bright, shiny new release!!!!

Some history is here, and the project page itself is over here.

Or go straight to the download section.

The new version has a host of fixes, tweaks and tuning. Also some asked-for new features (address masks, […]

IPv6 temporary addresses and privacy extensions

On a fairly vanilla install of Ubuntu 12.04 (i.e. current) in an environment with full IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity one may seem some (at first sight) strange things concerning the IPv6 addresses in use.

The network has a single gateway router/server, and provides full IPv6 to the devices in the house using radvd and […]


Tinkering. One of those lovely, evocative words which seems to have a whiff of quaintness about it.

In a Google+ post today, in the comment stream for this article, someone used it and made an interesting remark. Regarding the whole “messing around with computers” meme, he made the point that “our parents” tinkered around with […]

IPv6 address ranges

Just a short post, to summarise the IANA-assigned address ranges for IPv6. This info is pretty much a straight lift from this page, with a few tweaks to hopefully make it more readable.


IPv6 Prefix Allocation Information 0000::/8 Reserved by IETF 0100::/8 Reserved by IETF 0200::/7 Reserved by IETF 0400::/6 Reserved by IETF 0800::/5 […]

Scouts and discrimination

Another UK newspaper article about the Scouts today, with yet more nonsense hiding the nature of this discriminatory organisation.

Various of the great and good in scouting say, as quoted by The Guardian:

“…scouting is continuing to move with the times and adapt to the growing number of people from different communities who […]

npd6 – Software now available

As per previous posts and discussions, my project to develop npd6Â (Neighbor Proxy Daemon 6) is now advancing very rapidly.

If you have a Linux gateway router terminating your ISP feed supporting IPv6, this may be just what you need. To summarise the problem it solves: your ISP has given you an /64 (or some […]

npd6 – IPv6 neighbor proxy daemon – It lives!

As threatened in article IPv6 neighbor proxy daemon – npd6 and the associated design ramblings here, the npd6 project now lives and breathes.

EDIT: 22 July – The project has really taken shape. Version 0.3 is now useful enough to be considered a working beta version. Building is very simple – do please try it […]

IPv6 neighbor proxy daemon – npd6

I admit defeat… You know how it is: you’re searching for a solution to a technical problem, and you KNOW that someone else has had the same problem. In fact thousands of people have had the same problem. And it was fixed years ago. If I can just find that solution…

EDIT: 22 July – […]

npd6 Design Document

So what must npd6 do in functional terms?

See Neighbor Solicitations. EITHER respond to them directly OR respond via the existing mechanisms. Log activity. Report status. Receive Neighbor Solicitations

The daemon needs to receive incoming neighbor solcitations from a designated port(s). I currently have no idea if this is an easy hook to make from […]